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Secure Self Storage from a Company You Can Trust

Store Your Memories and Park Your Boat or RV with Confidence

Loomis Self Storage takes great pride in helping to protect your vehicles and your possessions with state-of-the-art security not found at other storage facilities.

Our Jetton Lane facility takes secure storage to the next level. We help protect your property and discourage problems with:

       •22 new higher-definition cameras

       •More than four times the cameras of other nearby facilities

       •Sophisticated motion detectors to help protect boats and RVs

       •Ability to monitor all cameras via the Internet

       •24-hour motion detector camera monitoring

       •All surveillance data stored electronically via TiVo system

       •Impressive lighting at night for your security

       •Camera monitoring from entry to exit

       •The newest anti-theft cylinder locks, which cannot be cut with a bolt cutter

       •Individual door alarms that are deactivated via signing in at our gate controlled keypad (without individual door alarms, a thief            could cut multiple door locks without any alarms going off)

At Our Rippey Road Boat and RV parking facility:

       •Nine new motion detector surveillance cameras

       •Sophisticated night-time security beams that discourage unwelcome visitors

       •Night lighting to discourage crime

       •Night watchman services at various hours

Visit their facilities, and then visit ours. We think you’ll discover the benefits of trusting your important possession to the newest and best storage solution in Loomis, CA.


Two convenient locations to serve you:

    Main Office                New Boat & RV Lot

5950 Jetton Lane        3415 Rippey Road

    Loomis, CA 95650       Loomis, CA 95650

    (916) 652-1314              (916) 652-1314

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